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Music Used

We use many different sounds on our show, but the following list is the songs we use on all our shows. 


  • Songs recorded by the Fable Singers 1972,
  • we are the Navy Blues” Written by Carlton players in 1930, based on the song Lily of Laguna (1898, by Leslie Stuart)
  • Good Old Collingwood Forever, Written by Tom nelson 1906, Based on Goodbye Dolly Grey (1901 by Will D Cobb)
  • See the Bombers fly up, written by Kevin Andrews 1929, based on Keep your sunny side up (1929 Ray Henderson)
  • Old Fitzroy, Bill Stephen 1952, based on the La Marseillaise Claude Joseph Roget de Lisle 1792
  • We are Geelong, by John watts 1963 based on the Song of the Toreador Song, (composed by Georges Bizet, 1911)
  • Mighty Fighting Hawks, Jack O’Hagan 1959, based on Yankee Doodle Boy, George M Cohen 1904
  • It’s a Grand old Flag written by George M Cohen in 1912, based on the song You’re a Grand Old Flag (George M Cohen, 1906)
  • Join in the Chorus –– Based on the song Wee Deoch an Doris (Written by Sir Harry Lauder 1911)
  • We’re from Tigerland lyrics by Jack Malcolmson , based on Row Row Row, William Jerome / James Monaco (Row, Row, Row lyrics Peer music 1912)
  • I Do like to be beside the seaside, Talent City Singers 1958 based on I Do like to be beside the seaside, John A Glover-Kind 1907
  • The red and the White Larry Spokes – based on the Notre Dame Victory March Written by Larry Spokes 1961)
  • Sons of the West Ralph McKay , based on the sea shanty - Sons of the sea
  • It’s a Draw – 2011 - The Barrackville Singers
  • The Untouchables Theme -1987 - Ennio Morricone
  • Rock 'N' Roll (I Gave You The Best Years Of My LIfe) - Terry Jacks, rerecorded by Kevin Johnson (1975, 1979)


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