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Words and Phrases we have used on the show.


Coulthard Shield - An unofficial award we give to team that kicks that season's highest score. Named in honor of early footballing pioneer George Coulthard of Carlton, who topped the goalkicking ladder three times in 1878,1879 & 1880.

The Curse of the Presidents Wife: When a team that won the previous seasons premiership loses their opening game of the following season. We call it the curse of the presidents wife, because traditionally the wife of the club presiddent would be the one to raise the premiership flag. 

Post Master General - A game Tim played at the football for a long time. To play you and your mates need to predict how many times a ball will hit the goal posts "Poster". The winner gets to wear the post master generals hat. Some finer rules, everyone must elect different amounts, with the reigning winner selecting first. If no one has the correct number then no one wins and the previous winner retains the hat.

Can I edit that out - A phrase often used by the Kazman (especially in early episodes) when he wants to erase something he may have gotten wrong. 

Hooroo: Aussie slang for "goodbye", used by Charlie at the end of each episode. 


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