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September 16, 2019 @ 11:06 am

Episode 44 - 1932

This is the 1932 episode, also known as 'Frankenpod', it has been a busy few weeks for those of us that run this podcast, so we have recorded bits here and there when we could, we weren't always in the same room together. This is the result, not as smooth as we would like, but ready to go. 

We also officially welcome new kick to kick host Anna (AKA; Moz) to the show!

Here is a rundown for the episode. Things once again implode at Stkilda, while South Melbourne have devised a genius plan to lure new recruits over to play for them. Speaking of new recruits a well known one begins at Fitzroy, while new captain Haydn Bunton takes over. Geelong struggle to maintain the same form they had in the previous year and are in doubt of playing finals. Collingwood continue to play at a high standard and Carlton unearth their own new recruits that help them stay up the top.

The hit songs played over the history section are Louis Armstrong's All of Me, and Bing Crosby singing "Brother can you spare a dime". 


The Kick to Kick Podcast aims to go through each year of the VFL/AFL season and bring out the stories, highlights, winner and losers of days gone by. 

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